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Aberdeenshire area in north of Scotland are well known for goose and duck shooting.

Our shooting ground are in the north of Aberdeenshire which is one of the big wintering areas for goose and ducks that migrated from the north, mainly from Iceland and Greenland.  

The day starts before sun rise. Surrounded by the breath-taken sceneries of the Scottish Lowlands you will shoot some greylags and pink foot goose in the morning and finish the day with some duck flighting in the afternoon. We can provide some snipe shooting during the day.

Our Scottish partner is specialised in wildfowling for more than 20 year and cover over 30.000 acers of land.

​The accommodation is located in the middle of the shooting area. It is a self-catering property featuring en-suite double and twin rooms and a spacious kitchen-living area.

Season: 1st of October until 31 January.

Price: from £1.084.

Number of guns: 4-10

Our price includes: _ Pickup and drop off from Aberdeen airport

                                 _ Accommodation B&B

                                 _ Goose shooting in the morning and duck flighting in the                                                     afternoon

                                 _ Visitor permits


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