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Rough and walked up shooting 

The knowledge and hunting skills required plus the fresh air, exercise and the training and working of specially bred dogs makes rough shooting one of the most popular, rewarding of live quarry shooting.

Shooters use their trained dogs (usually spaniels or Labradors) to flush game out of the hedgerows, woods or other cover as they walk along. These dogs also retrieve the shot game.

Virtually all the quarry species listed can be walked-up. Numbers are irrelevant with rough shooting, it’s about being out in the countryside with your dog and hopefully bagging something for the pot.

If you stay with us for several days, we offer a bed and breakfast accommodation.

Our rough and walked up shooting grounds a located in Norfolk. 35 km south west from Norwich.

If you come by plane, we can arrange a pickup or you can rent a car at the airport.

Season: 1st of October until 31st of January

Number of guns: 2-6

Price : £265 per shooting day.

Accommodation: Starts at £55

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