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Muntjac stalking

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The Chinese Muntjac Deer was introduced to Woburn Park in Bedfordshire at the start of the 20th century and rapidly spread into the surrounding area. It is now a common animal across South East England and can be found in woodland, parkland and even gardens.

Muntjac Deer are notorious browsers, eating the shoots from shrubs, as well as woodland herbs and Brambles. Male Muntjacs have short, unbranched antlers that slope backwards, and a pair of long canine teeth. They breed all year-round, but females usually only have one kid at a time.

Muntjac Deer are also known as 'Barking Deer' because of their dog-like calls.


We organize muntjac stalking on our south (Hampshire, Wiltshire & West Berkshire) and on our east shooting area (Norfolk & Suffolk).


All our hunting area have been carefully selected for their deer density and their trophies quality. For more than 15 years we try with our partner to manage the deer population, so we can harvest with our clients some good trophy and offer them a life time experience.

A typical hunting day consist of two outings. One in the morning at sun rise and one in the afternoon until sunset. You will be assisted by one of our professional deer stalking guides who will assist you during your outings. An outing is around 3 hours.


Season: All year.

Outing fees: £125 per outing.

Accommodation:  starting at £65.

Trophy fees: Please contact us.

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